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We were able to make a careful selection between most requested features for ClickFunnels and most used features on other platforms. 

Today, we will be giving you guys access to custom software add-ons that are widely used and adopted on web stores but not yet available inside ClickFunnels.
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This piece of custom code will allow your visitors to fill in their address easily and more accurately. It will help you avoid incorrect addresses and increase conversion rates.
Instantly redirect your visitor to a funnel step translated in their native language or simply change the currency based on their location. Possibilities are endless on what you can accomplish with geo location our geo-location scripts.
You'll be able to increase the scarcity for your offer (F.O.M.O.) and sky-rocket the social proof. This addon is so powerful it allows you to customize it fully, from the image that's being displayed to the text.
These scripts are uniquely designed to boost your conversion rates. Each function is not available inside ClickFunnels at this moment. All you need to do is copy and paste the code.

Image Enlarger

This feature can be quite handy, especially in ecommerce-related funnels. Must have if you ask us :)


It's all about the emails, but sometimes we don't want to capture our visitor emails but still have them fill a form. This custom code allows you exactly that. Collect phone numbers of leads without them entering any email information.

Customizable 2 Step Form

Are you tired of the same old 2 Step Order element design? Easily customize it based on your needs and vision using this simple code.

Auto Country Code

Not everyone who opts in enters their country code before leaving their phone number. This custom code solves all that hassle.

Quantity Shrinking Bar

Easily increase scarcity with this simple custom code. It will show X amount of products left and a shrinking line below it.

Hide Did You Mean

This can be quite annoying. Disable it easily with just a few lines of custom code.

Custom Input 2 Step

This custom code allows you to collect any additional details you might want from your customers in a 2 Step Order element.

FB Pixel Timer

We all know how awesome FB's pixel is. However, people who watch our webinar at minute 1 aren't the same with those who watch half of the webinar or the whole. This code will allow you to retarget visitors based on how much time they've spent on your funnel step.

Best Seller Highlighter

Do you want to make one product to stand out more than others? This code is the perfect solution. Easily highlight one product to stand out from the rest.

Phone Validator

Tired of lame phone numbers? This code will block any bogus phone numbers and allow only the right ones in.


Disable email addresses from opting in or making purchases.

Device Redirect

We all know that not all devices convert the same, mobile vs desktop, Android vs iOS, Mac vs Windows, this code will allow you to redirect your visitors to different funnel steps based on the criteria above.

Products Tag

Be unique by adding cool-looking badges next to your product name such as Trending, Best-Seller, Hot etc.

Image/Text 2 Step

Incorporate trust badges inside your 2 Step Order form or any other image. 

Geo Location Call Out

Dynamically replace any text with the visitor's current location (city, state, country) with an ease!

Landing Page Protection

Afraid that someone's going to copy your text? Disable Right Click on your page so they will have to re-write the whole script :)

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No. This is a life-time deal which includes unlimited support, updates and new tool-releases.
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Sorry, we don’t currently have a trial as we believe in our tools and thousands agree with us, however if they’re not for you, you can request a refund within 24 hours.
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No. We are dedicated to providing the complete solution for our members by giving them the whole arsenal of tools you need to build high converting funnels.
Hand-picked set of proven custom codes designed to sky-rocket your funnel conversion rates.
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